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Nicolas Fournier

Brussels, being the greenest capital of Europe (in terms of green spaces J) has probably not the most direct link with oceans you can imagine. Indeed Belgium is not usually pictured as a symbol for oceans, tropical fish species, colorful corals reefs and other beauty of the marine environment. However, being the political heart of … Read more

Natividad Sánchez

I think I have made a fool of myself in every possible way in the sea, namely: being unable to stand for ten seconds on a surfboard, turning a canoe over in only 10 inch waves, not being able to tie anything more complicated than a figure-eight knot, stepping on sea urchins, getting sick in … Read more

Ángeles Sáez

Memories of my childhood and teenage years are strongly bound to the Cantabrian Sea, featuring long hours of sand and sea on the beach at La Salvé and the smell of fish salting and sardines from Laredo fishing port. There were few things I liked better than spending the afternoon on the wharf with a … Read more

Soraya de Miguel

I was born and grew in interior zones far away from coasts, seas and oceans. Furthermore, I developed my professional experience in private companies until I joined Oceana. How could I stop working in an organization that protects the world’s oceans? The answer could be that though I did not have direct contact with oceans, I have been … Read more

Ester Casado

I didn’t grow up on the coast, I’m not interested in water sports and I’ve never seen “Free Willy.” In fact, I never even learned how to swim in the sea (if you can call swimming the spasmodic movements I make in the water), but I’m a conscientious person and I especially value that people … Read more