Jorge Blanco

Senior GIS Analyst & Logistics Coordinator

Oceana Staff

Like any child, when Jorge was little he loved to spend time playing in the countryside, surrounded by nature. He had the opportunity to spend a large part of his childhood surrounded by pine forests, oaks, oak groves and fields of Castile and Leon, so that, little by little, his interest in the environment and the flora and fauna that surround us grew.

Therefore, he decided to get his bachelor degree in Environmental Science at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, where he learned firsthand the impacts produced by human beings on the environment and that we must fight to reduce these impacts. There is always the possibility that we may exploit our environmental resources, but we must not compromise its viability in the future. He then went on to achieve a Master’s degree in Geographic Information Technology from the University of Alcalá. Before starting work at Oceana he worked for a year as a GIS analyst in other companies and NGOs.

He’s worked as GIS analyst in many campaigns, for example: Balearic Islands expedition 2014, Canary Islands expedition 2014, Life Bahar Malta expedition 2015, Life Bahar Malta expedition 2016, The Sound expedition 2016, North Sea expedition 2016, and Deep Sea Lebanon expedition 2016. Furthermore he’s supported other campaigns for example: IUU, Fisheries management and Habitat protection.