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José Herias

I have always considered civil society movements as one of the major changing tools that can make this world a worthy place to live in. If you don’t like it, change it. Since I was a kid, and thanks to my parents’ values and education, I got involved in many of social movements at school … Read more

Dana Miller

With the compounding problems of climate change, ocean acidification, overfishing and pollution facing our oceans, it is often difficult to feel optimistic about our ability to develop solutions for dealing with these issues. Increasingly, fears have been raised regarding the resilience of marine ecosystems and their ability to adapt while still providing resources and services … Read more

Agnes Lisik

Although I come from a mountain region, when I was a child we used to go every year to the Polish Baltic seaside for holidays. I remember rushing through the dunes in excitement in order to get to the beach as quickly as possible and finally see and smell the sea. And I still can … Read more

Helena Alvarez

For as long as Helena can remember, she’s always had a deep interest in the environment and its conservation. This led her to graduate in Environmental Sciences, majoring in marine biodiversity conservation, and dedicate her entire career to sea protection. The more she learns about and sees the fragile ecosystems hidden under the sea surface, … Read more

Silvia García

Wasting and squandering natural resources form part of our way of life. As if these resources were inexhaustible. Evidently, this is not so, but we continue to live like this even though we know millions of people are suffering the serious consequences caused by our actions. The earth, seas and oceans are being destroyed by … Read more

Ricardo Aguilar

My first works focused on the study of marine mammals and reptiles, though I should mention sharks as well, because they made sporadic appearances in many of my sea journeys. I have had some of my best times with dolphins, whales, turtles and sharks. Today, practically all life forms living in the sea deserve my … Read more

Allison Perry

I first began to be aware of the growing crisis facing our oceans as an undergraduate student in Canada. At the time, alarming signs were appearing that warned of the considerable impacts humans were having on our seas: the FAO had just released its first report on the state of world fisheries and aquaculture, showing … Read more

María Pérez

There are many ways of giving sense to your life, and all of them are equally valid… Since somebody told us that we need to work in order to live, I’ve chosen to optimize my time by fighting for change and to contribute, with my dedication, to make this world a healthier and livable place. … Read more

Jorge Blanco

Like any child, when Jorge was little he loved to spend time playing in the countryside, surrounded by nature. He had the opportunity to spend a large part of his childhood surrounded by pine forests, oaks, oak groves and fields of Castile and Leon, so that, little by little, his interest in the environment and … Read more

Vanya Vulperhorst

From an early age I have enjoyed exploring the marine environment of the Dutch coast; growing up by the North Sea allowed me to be in close contact with sea creatures, like plaice, common shrimp and jelly fish. Marine life continues to fascinate me, as beautifully described by Jacques Cousteau: “The sea, once it casts … Read more