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Vera Coelho

Vera Coelho is Oceana’s Senior Director, Advocacy in Europe. She leads the organization’s campaigns and Oceana’s policy, communications and science work in Europe. Vera is a political scientist with 15 years of experience working with national, European and global environment NGOs to protect freshwater and saltwater ecosystems. She is intimately familiar with EU decision-making processes … Read more

Emily Fairless

Like the mountain, the ocean has always fascinated me and filled me with awe and some fear: of its powerful potential, its beauty and the uncertainty of what lies on closer look. I have many happy memories of holidays by the sea, whilst keeping a safe distance to the shore. After working to fight fraud … Read more

Irene Campmany

Irene joined Oceana Europe to be part of the communications department, mainly charged with giving visibility to the Plastics campaign and the Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing work, as well as ensuring the organisations’ media relations and its presence on social media channels and digital platforms. She is a communications specialist with experience in environmental … Read more