Marine Cusa

Marine, who conveniently happens to be a marine biologist, spent ten years of her childhood growing up on a sailboat. Needless to say, these adventures at sea shaped the person she is today and nurtured a deep desire to study and protect the ocean. She holds a PhD in marine science, an MSc in Arctic … Read more

Vera Coelho

Vera Coelho is Oceana’s Deputy Vice President in Europe. She leads the organization’s campaigns and Oceana’s policy, communications and science work in Europe. Vera is a political scientist with 15 years of experience working with national, European and global environment NGOs to protect freshwater and saltwater ecosystems. She is intimately familiar with EU decision-making processes … Read more

Lucinda Birk

In Denmark, the coast is nowhere more than 52 km away. Born and raised in the capital of Copenhagen, Lucinda has therefore always lived close by the ocean. When she was a child, she spent countless hours snorkeling on vacations. Later, she got her scuba diving certificate and has dived with bull sharks in Fiji, … Read more