Giulia Guadagnoli

Senior Policy Advisor

Oceana Staff

Originally hailing from Italy, Giulia pursued her academic journey at Bocconi University, graduating with a Master of Science degree in Economics and Management of Government and International Organisations, which included a one-year exchange programme in International Security and International Relations at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.

With six years of dedicated experience in policy and project management, she has cultivated a passion for environmental causes, recognising climate change as the defining challenge of our era.

Giulia has developed solid expertise in a variety of organisations across Europe, ranging from national governments and EU agencies, to think tanks, political parties, and NGOs. She has also consistently volunteered while working, including a fulfilling experience supporting an animal shelter, which became a catalyst for turning her passion for animal rights and biology into a purpose. Through this combination of activities, she found her calling as a Senior Policy Advisor for Sustainable Fisheries in the Western Mediterranean at Oceana in Europe.

What inspires Giulia the most about Oceana is its unwavering commitment to saving the world’s oceans through impactful campaigns and field expeditions. She is especially enthusiastic about collaborating with diverse, passionate, and talented professionals from around the globe. Aligning closely with Oceana’s mission, Giulia’s role enables her to merge her professional expertise with her dedication to environmental and animal protection causes, particularly in the context of the Western Mediterranean, which also resonates with her on a personal level.

Outside of work, she has always been an avid sports enthusiast. While volleyball remains a favourite, Giulia recently embarked on new adventures in fencing and archery. She is a big fan of stand-up comedy, and aims to one day find the courage to participate in an open mic show.