Michael Sealey

Senior Policy Advisor

Oceana Staff

Born in Britain and raised in Spain, Michael holds an MS in Biology from the University of La Laguna, Tenerife. He has a strong multidisciplinary foundation with experience working in fields such as education, research, legislation and marine conservation. In the final years of University, he co-founded an NGO and began leading marine conservation initiatives, including the collaboration with coalitions of NGOs working towards legislative changes in the EU regarding fisheries. After this period, he went abroad to teach science orientated courses in Fiji and spent time collaborating in different research and conservation projects. Back in the Canary Islands he began to work as an environmental consultant and spent some years teaching biology, until he became part of a collaborative project for the research and conservation of angel sharks. At Oceana he is working in a habitat protection campaign to establish a network of effective and well managed Marine Protected Areas in Spain, ensuring the preservation of fundamental marine ecosystems.