Fish or plastic?

Over the last year and months, we seem to have been asking ourselves this question more than any other time in our lives. The rapid expansion of plastics around us has already caused so much damage to our oceans, marine animals and to us, as humans.  What was once a far-fetched idea, has now become … Read more

Oceana welcomes proposal to stop sand dredging in the Sound

Oceana welcomes a proposal to protect the Sound from sand dredging from 1 September 2016, which was presented yesterday by Mette Abildgaard (K), Maria Gjerding (Ø), and Martin Lidegaard (R). In the Sound, sand dredging has taken place on shallow sandbanks along the entire Danish coast. This activity is not permitted in Swedish waters of … Read more

Waiting for the last glimpse

After a successful press meeting yesterday, our expedition is now nearing its end. This means we are about to carry out the last few dives in the Sound. Sadly, as the previous entries in our diary have illuminated, the weather continues to be a challenge that we cannot ignore. Today, we were again stuck at … Read more

Submerged Wood

The expedition is reaching its end, and today was the day in which we were going to present the campaign through a press wheel to Danish and Swedish mass media. Different media, including the main Swedish television chain have been interested in getting to know our work in this area of the Baltic Sea. Lasse … Read more


The end of the expedition is now nearing and, even though we have been able to advance a lot over the weekend, the weather does not give us any respite. Today the forecast indicated good conditions, but as we came out of the port we saw how the waves started to climb, so we have … Read more

The Sea Never Stops

The day started early in the best possible manner: raiding the buffet! Once our bellies were filled a long day in the sea awaited us. Today, we are heading to the port of Rää and need to catch a train and a bus to reach our destination. Everything is prepared and checked well in advance … Read more