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April 27, 2016


BY: Oceana Web



The end of the expedition is now nearing and, even though we have been able to advance a lot over the weekend, the weather does not give us any respite. Today the forecast indicated good conditions, but as we came out of the port we saw how the waves started to climb, so we have to work against the clock.

Our first point of sampling consisted in documenting another canal shaped ditch located transversally at Oresund. This was carried out some years ago with the objective of laying cables which were from one side to the other of the canal and, as occurs with the dredging holes that we have already managed to sample, the area has not recovered and the marks in the depths can still be seen clearly.

Subsequently, with the waves now quite high, we decided to document one of the few nearby coastal areas which are found more protected, which depends on several protection figures and upon which an interesting Zoostera meadow is extended. This last immersion was only at 3m of depth, a whole record for our ROV! In my view this adventure ends here. Despite bad weather, I believe that we have been able to reveal new species that live in a place with many dents and pressures eroded from the large metropolis on both sides of the canal. Now many hours of ground work remain in order to express this intense work to the maximum.