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April 28, 2016

Submerged Wood

BY: Enrique Talledo



The expedition is reaching its end, and today was the day in which we were going to present the campaign through a press wheel to Danish and Swedish mass media. Different media, including the main Swedish television chain have been interested in getting to know our work in this area of the Baltic Sea. Lasse Gustavson, the Ocean director in Europe, together with Mike Palmgren, with expert knowledge of these waters and great collaborator in this expedition, were those in charge of presenting this awaited event.

After the presentation there was no time to lose and like every day, the ships set sail in search of new graphic material in other submarine areas. So that you get an idea of who makes up the crew, on one side, are the ROV technicians, who with their incredible skill and training obtain important images and in some cases samples from the depths; the marine clients, are those that direct the expeditition and contribute their great knowledge and wisdom, thanks to their commendable labour the species are identified, the reports are prepared and others; captains, seamen and the staff dedicated to the logistical themes make everything easier in the sea. With their experience and skill they make it possible for documentation operations of the submarine depths to be carried out in this fierce and castigated sea. The other members confirm those that introduce us to capture the ecosystems and submarine life through images, together with the support divers. Of course, all the staff who work tirelessly from the ground mainly in the Oceana offices for the expedition to be a success, must not be forgotten.

After this brief insert, I take this opportunity to tell you that on this occasion, the immersion turned out to be with all probability, the most historical of all those ever carried out. A specific area between Sweden and Denmark in which lies a submerged Wood with some 8.500 years of antiquity. On occasions, the sea gives us presents by just showing us some of its secrets…