Charlotte Amalia

Today we dived to the wreck “Charlotte Amalia” , which sunk to the ocean floor in 1801 following a major sea battle outside the Danish capital Copenhagen. Unfortunately, the water visibility was low and a fairly strong current made filming difficult. Today, the wreck serves perfectly as an artificial reef providing protection for numerous species … Read more

Vs. The Wind and waves

Won´t tell you what I did today. Today is a filler episode! öresund/øresund/The sound/[œr?’s?n:d]/Whatever is not treating us as gently as we would like. Plenty of knots in the wind, loads of metres/second underwater and some waves that try their hardest to make the fragile lens of the camera meet the ship’s hull. Once you … Read more

Mussels, mussels, mussels!

After having a few days in port, due to rough weather we woke up this morning, excited to go to sea again. Sadly we were met by Michael from Sea-U who had bad news for us. The wind had picked up again, and we could see the waves building up outside the harbor. The conditions … Read more

My first campaign in the Sound

Today was my first day on the Sound Expedition and apparently was also the first sunny day in Sweden for a long time! The crew were enthusiastic about being able to finally go back to sea instead of being stuck in the hotel due to bad weather conditions. Although there were some ROV problems and … Read more

Today we have seen many fish

Let’s be honest. One day of rough seas can be useful for me to catch up with processing images and metadata, something that the daily working dynamic does not give me enough time to do. The problem is that today is the third day in a row that we haven’t been able to dive because … Read more

Yet another day on land

Everyone ever doing field work at sea recognizes the feeling of frustration caused by multiple days of bad weather in a row. Beforehand you know those days will come and yet you hope this time it will be different. Well, it is not. Ever. One day every now and then is appreciated: the days at … Read more

A quiet day

It has been a quiet day, due to the bad weather forecast. We didn’t head out to sea, but took the opportunity to perform some maintenance work on the ROV. Unfortunately, at the end of the day the weather forecast hadn’t changed, and it seems that tomorrow we will stay ashore again, watching the blowing … Read more

An early morning

A worsening forecast forces the expedition to an early 0500 start to make the most of the day before the wind gets too strong. The changing weather has laid a blanket of fog over the western part of Scania where we are working. Leaving Råå with our boats Popp and Elias, we have to cross one of northern Europe’s busiest shipping … Read more

Respect the sea

Today, we started the day knowing that the weather conditions would neither let us navigate nor work at our designated sites along the way. It was best to stay on land, due to the strong wind and the state of the sea. While the ROV team took advantage of the opportunity to fix problems that … Read more

What the seafloor hides

The Sound has always had a special meaning for me. As a boy, when I went rodfishing with my father for herring in the fall, when they gather in massive schools, or later when I as a student studied the unique biodiversity of fish in the Sound. So when the opportunity arose to be part … Read more