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April 20, 2016

My first campaign in the Sound

BY: Oceana Web



Today was my first day on the Sound Expedition and apparently was also the first sunny day in Sweden for a long time! The crew were enthusiastic about being able to finally go back to sea instead of being stuck in the hotel due to bad weather conditions. Although there were some ROV problems and strong currents on the sea bottom (almost 2 knots), we managed to carry out 5 dives in an area that was heavily dredged a short time ago. The dredging holes created when extracting sand from the seabed were perfectly visible and detectable by the echo sounder, sometimes emerging as much as 9 metres deeper than the surrounding areas. It’s very important to document the impacts of activities, such as dredging, that occur out of sight and to monitor ecosystem recovery periods so that we are able to categorically demonstrate the tremendous damage these activities can cause.

This is my first campaign in the Sound and I’m really curious about what we will find below the surface of the water tomorrow.