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April 25, 2016

Diving with two underwater photographers with a great passion for the sea



In the morning we meet to discuss dive sites, currents and winds, and then start as usual checking and double checking our dive equipment and filling our tanks with air for yet another day’s excursion.

Once everything was packed and we boarded the Elias and went out to an area where there are plans for wind power plants in the Sound. The first dive was down to about ten meters.  There was not as much animal and plant life as we had expected and the visibility was rather poor with plenty of particles in the water. The dive time was about 45 minutes, but felt a lot longer in the six degree water.

The second dive was down to about six meters and was far more successful. The visibility was much better and there were more plants and animals to record. A lot of photos were taken and the smiles from the two photographers during the dive were clear to everyone. Diving time lasted about thirty minutes, and the water temperature was also around six degrees here.

Jan Öijeberg, Michael Palmgren, and I, have had the pleasure to dive with two incredibly talented photographers and divers during the past weeks. CARLOS MINGUELL and ENRIQUE TALLEDO are two divers who have cameras as working tools. After spending just a few minutes with them you can tell just how passionate they both are to capture incredible images under difficult situations. When you look back over their pictures after dives you can’t help wondering if you were in the same place! Have a look for yourself in our expedition flickr album.

All marine environments hide incredible ecosystems under the surface of the water. I hope that the Sound Expedition encourages people in the region to get develop an interest in the state of marine life here so that future generations can enjoy a healthy and clean Sound.


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