Oceana discovers a “forest” of corals and sea fan in Andalusia

Dolphins, pilot whales and sea turtles are frequent visitors to this important marine area of immense ecological value for which Oceana requests protection During the past weeks, the specialists aboard the Oceana Ranger research vessel, with the help from a submarine robot (ROV) and in collaboration with the Biodiversity Foundation, have examined the marine life … Read more

Spanish musician Miguel Bosé boards the Oceana Ranger to combat drfitnet use

Miguel Bose participated for a week in the actitivities of Oceana, the international conservation organisation. The singer joined the catamaran, Oceana Ranger, during its stay in the Corsican harbour of Bastia, to work with its crew of biologists, divers and campaigners. He joined the Ranger directly from Peru where, for the previous weeks, he had … Read more

Oceana to study unknown Emile Baudot escarpment in the Balearic Islands

Today marks the launch of Oceana’s 2013 Mediterranean Expedition, which is bound for the Emile Baudot escarpment, a large rocky wall to the south of the Balearic archipelago, of which nothing about its ecosystem is known. A team of scientists, technicians and videographers from Oceana will spend ten days studying the area, which lounges the … Read more

Oceana’s Baltic Sea coastal expedition comes to a successful end

Last week, Oceana concluded its 3rd annual Baltic Sea expedition. The marine conservation organization for the first time focused solely on coastal areas. The expedition was aimed at exposing the shortcomings of the current network of marine protected areas in the Baltic Sea, and documenting fisheries with the ultimate goal of ensuring effective, scientifically based … Read more

Oceana´s Baltic coastal expedition makes its final stop in Poland

Today, Oceana concluded its six-week long Baltic Sea expedition in Szczeci?ski, Poland. Though this is the third year the marine conservation organization has conducted an expedition to document marine life in the Baltic Sea, it is the first time the multinational team of divers and researchers targeted solely the coastal areas. Oceana also used this … Read more

Oceana provokes the arrest of illegal driftnetters by italian coastguards

On some occasions, the activities of these vessels have extended into Spanish waters. The research catamaran of the Oceana organisation, the Ranger, has been carrying out “in situ” surveillance of the illegal Italian driftnet fleet since the beginning of July, which operates out of bases in Sicily, Sardinia, around Naples and Sorrento, and the small … Read more

Oceana presents the first results from its voyage on board the “Ranger” and announces the catamaran’s arrival in Europe

Oceana’s European Director, Xavier Pastor, and Director of Research and Projects, Ricardo Aguilar, today presented in Madrid the first reports from the expedition of the Oceana Ranger catamaran. After sailing for three months, both researchers have just arrived from Fort Lauderdale (Florida), where the organisation’s vessel is preparing to start the Atlantic crossing within the … Read more

Oceana embarks from Los Angeles on its first transoceanic expedition

A team of scientists, divers, photographers and video cameramen will be travelling on board the “Oceana Ranger” catamaran to document underwater life and the threats being posed to its survival. Oceana is embarking on its first transoceanic expedition, a five-month journey of more than 10,000 nautical miles from the Pacific Ocean waters off the west … Read more

A giant protozoon that imitates a carnivorous sponge has been discovered

The new species was discovered on a seamount 30 miles off the Spanish coast. Oceana and the Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Blanes (CEAB-CSIC) have discovered a new species: a unicellular organism of exceptional size (4-5 cm high), belonging to the phylum foraminifera, which imitates carnivorous sponges in its appearance and way of capturing food. … Read more