Alexandra Cousteau will visit Cabrera to support the enlargement of the National Park

Oceana proposes multiplying by 10 the protected surface, including sensitive habitats and endangered species that lie beyond the park boundaries. Alexandra Cousteau, Jacques Cousteau’s granddaughter and an Oceana advisor, has travelled to the Balearics to support the proposal for the enlargement of the Cabrera National Park. The visit will take place 36 years after the … Read more

Oceana reports illegal trawling activities in southern Majorca

Oceana has asked the Spanish Government and the regional Balearic government to effectively protect the coralligenous and  maërl seabeds near Cabrera. Oceana has warned the Spanish General Secretary for Fisheries, Carlos Domínguez, and the Councillor for Agriculture, the Environment, and the Territory in the Balearics, Gabriel Company, about the continued illegal trawling activities in the … Read more

Oceana finds never before seen species and litter in the Gorringe Seamounts

Deep-sea sharks, hydrocoral, glass sponges, and black coral, among the new findings in these seamounts. Oceana has documented the presence of litter and fishing gear in one of Europe’s major seamounts, the Gorringe bank. The images were taken during an expedition with researchers from the University of Algarve, in which stunning algae forests and a … Read more

Oceana Ranger 2012 Expedition heads for the deep sea

Oceana scientists will finish documenting Chella Bank, a seamount off the Almería coast (Spain) that is part of LIFE+ INDEMARES Today Oceana launched its 2012 Ranger Expedition, “Exploring Ocean Depths”, which will be almost entirely devoted to documenting Atlantic and Mediterranean seamounts. For the first time ever, the campaign will not include a team of … Read more

Oceana concludes second Baltic Sea Expedition

The expedition, which launched in April 2012, covered 4500 miles, carried out 112 ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) operations, 30 scuba dives and collected 41 samples and 20 CTD recordings. Findings will be used to trigger better conservation of the Baltic Sea ecosystems and improve the management of the human activities which threaten them. Effective fisheries … Read more

Oceana ambassador Alexandra Cousteau dives into Baltic Expedition

As part of her ongoing collaboration with Oceana, Alexandra Cousteau granddaughter of ocean legend Jacques Cousteau, recently joined the international marine conservation’s Baltic Expedition. Cousteau, an avid diver will for the first time ever, explore the brackish waters of the Baltic and collect data that will assist Oceana in conservation and fisheries management proposals. “I’ve … Read more

Oceana divers document juvenile seal mortality in Finland

Oceana divers found a dozen bodies of grey seal juveniles earlier this week, on the seabed of Bogskär islet, south of the Åland Islands (Finland). The divers, who documented the finding with videos and photos, are part of an Oceana team on board the research vessel Hanse Explorer, currently on a two-month expedition in the … Read more

MPA Network Proposal for the Mediterranean Sea (English / Français)

In this document Oceana reviews the current state of regional protection initiatives in the Mediterranean Basin and presents a varied proposal for the protection of marine areas which it considers essential for maintaining a balance in the Mediterranean Basin and achieving good environmental status. The objective of the aforementioned proposal is to contribute to the … Read more