Oceana captures the first images of the Sahara seamounts in the Atlantic

Oceana has images of the Sahara seamounts, the southernmost seamounts in Spain, for the first time. These seamounts have never previously been filmed and information about them is still scarce. The filming was carried out using an underwater robot (ROV), at depths of up to 600 metres, during the Oceana Ranger expedition around the Canary … Read more

Oceana discovers deep-sea white coral in the Gulf of Biscay

Almost 50% of these long-living ecosystems have disappeared from European waters. Some coral formations date back more than 8,000 years. The Oceana Ranger research vessel has discovered deep-sea white coral in the Aviles Canyon. The deep-sea coral was identified using an underwater robot, which can work down to 600 meters. The first colonies of white … Read more

Ría de Viveiro

At 8:00, as we are leaving the Ria de Viveiro, we start the day off with a large group of common dolphins –around 25-, calm seas and gentle sailing towards the mouth of the estuary. We are lucky enough to see a young dolphin jumping vigorously, lifting his entire body out of the water. It’s … Read more

Gorgonians and trawlers

Today, we wanted to finish mapping the area where we found the gorgonians in order to delimit it and prepare a proposal for its protection. But, when we reached the waypoint, our hearts were literally broken in two… Two trawlers were fishing atop the sea beds we had documented the day before. The Nuevo Panchita … Read more

Enigma. Saturday, May 21th, 2005

What are the chances of two catamaran ships refueling, one after the other, on an island at one the extrems of the Atlantic? And, what are the chances that both catamarans coincide in the middle of that ocean six days later? And that they have the same destination port? I am well aware that such … Read more

The Ranger arrives. Thursday, February 17th 2005

The Ranger is here! She arrived yesterday. Everything has been crazy since — people running around buying supplies, fixing engines, finding old friends — and we’re leaving for Cocos tonight. I’m more excited than I can write. We (Xavier, myself, and some of the MarViva crew) went out to meet the Ranger yesterday morning in … Read more