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May 21, 2005

Enigma. Saturday, May 21th, 2005

BY: Guayo


Carlos Pérez
Oceana Staff


What are the chances of two catamaran ships refueling, one after the other, on an island at one the extrems of the Atlantic? And, what are the chances that both catamarans coincide in the middle of that ocean six days later? And that they have the same destination port?

I am well aware that such data does not have much relevance and will not be recorded anywhere. But you will agree with me that odd coincidences like this can happen, and today, crew members of the Ranger can attest to it.

We established contact with a ship whose sails we could observe in the horizon, stern side, and we identified the ship as the same catamaran that refueled right after us at Saint George’s Harbor, the same ship who set sail the night of the 14th, Saturday, in direction to Azores, just as we did.

Considering that the Atlantic is the ocean where most maritime activity takes place, the probability of two ships meeting seems to increase (in fact we have sighted several ships on our crossing) but this ocean is also the second largest in extension (occupying 106 million square kilometers), after the Pacific Ocean.

Who knows, we may end up docking side by side in Horta (Azores), it could happen…no?

By the way, the name of the other catamarán is Enigma.