Celebrating 15 years of Expeditions

OCEANA: AT THE HELM OF OCEAN PROTECTION At-sea research is at the heart of what we do at Oceana. The data we collect lay the foundations of our campaign work, be it documenting the flora and fauna of a unique ecosystem, illegal fishing activities, or the invisible threats that our oceans face — such as … Read more

Towards the Creation of a Marine Protected Area in the Aeolian Islands

Executive Summary The Aeolian archipelago, off the northern coast of Sicily, has long been recognised as a major area of importance for marine biodiversity. The waters surrounding these volcanic islands are characterised by steeply sloped bottoms that host a wide array of habitats – including seagrass meadows, seamounts, and hydrothermal vents – over a large … Read more

Oceana completes at-sea expedition in both Swedish and Finnish side of the Quark

Oceana’s scientists have wrapped up their 20-day expedition in the Quark area (also known as Kvarken and Merenkurkku) surveying areas across the archipelago in both Finnish and Swedish waters. Oceana will now study all the data collected at-sea in an effort to support the designation of a transboundary marine protected area to safeguard this remarkable area against threats including … Read more

Layman’s Report: Research for the conservation of reefs and sea caves in Malta

The Natura 2000 network of protected areas aims to ensure the long term survival of Europe’s most valuable and threatened habitats and species, on landand at sea, through sustainable ecological and economical management. This is in view that marine habitats are vulnerable to human influences, and require protection in order to safeguard the biodiversity they … Read more

Between Two Worlds

In this part of the Baltic, you notice the connection between the land and sea, fresh and salt water, best. A brackish environment, the most common species here are those typically found in lakes and rivers, albeit for a few bivalves, saltwater fish and marine algae. Foxes and minks lurk about the rocky coast and … Read more

Oceana launches expedition to explore Quark area between Finland and Sweden

Oceana has launched a 20-day expedition to survey important areas of marine life in the Quark (also known as Kvarken or Merenkurkku), between Finland and Sweden. The organisation’s second research project in the Quark is generously funded by the Swedish Postcode Lottery and will build on our initial surveys of the region in 2011 and 2013. As well … Read more