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The creation of Marine Protected Areas

Hello again, I want to take advantage of this, my last diary of this expedition, to explain the reason for so much effort, both human and financial, and the enthusiasm and total dedication that we all share. You might wonder why the MPAs are created and whether it is worth it. I asked myself the … Read more


After ten days on board the Ranger, I can only say that it’s been a wonderful experience to share my hours of work and rest with the entire crew. The work, the Ranger, the people, all of it … Fantastic!!!


The sea and the sky might be the two halves of the same sphere. And we seafarers are used to sailing the sometimes unpredictable surface that separates them. In this campaign I have learned something about observing the part of the sphere that we cannot see with just our eyes. And the similarities (and obviously … Read more

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

The days go by and the end of the campaign approaches. There is little less than a week left but you have to control the urge to return home, because the accidents occur when you let your guard down. If sailing in the ocean and past campaigns have taught me anything it is to begin … Read more

A moment of horror at open sea

Last night I was left astonished with such beautiful scenery – just like from a romantic movie – a giant red moon rising over Malta’s shadow, welcomed by fireworks on both edges of the island. The Ranger at night can be like a 5 Million-Star Hotel: a view of the Milky Way and falling stars … Read more

An obulos for charon

You can still appreciate the moisture of the night absorbed by the cliffs of Dwejra: green, towering, plunging into a calm sea. They are a sight for sore eyes after so much land scorched by the summer sun. We forget about the Ranger, and jump into the water with a coin under our tongues as … Read more

Against the current

Calm sea, hot, but not muggy, and two dives in search of caves. I think most of the people on the expedition would settle for every day being like this one. The first dive was nothing special, but the second was interesting: when trying to go round a cape shortly after setting off, the current … Read more

See you later!

This is my last day and the truth is that today is a fairly routine day. The entire crew is working hooked up to a yellow cord which they call the “umbilical” (yuck!). The captain blinks vigorously trying to erase the drawing of the plotter from his pupils and keep the Ranger on a straight … Read more

Strange visitor

At last we receive an unusual visitor: a military boat. It was half way through the dive – an exciting dive, one of those that tests the mind – speaking clearly, thinking about what you’ll find but never finding it, because there’s nothing but mud, mud, mud and more mud! Suddenly David and I found … Read more

Underwater garden full of marine litter

Today is my first full day at the open sea and my turn to write the diary. I boarded the legendary Ranger full of excitement and anticipation. The adventure has started! I joined the crew but as a landlubber until now I mainly observe and learn how to behave and move onboard without injuring my … Read more