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July 22, 2016

Against the current

BY: Carlos Minguell



Calm sea, hot, but not muggy, and two dives in search of caves. I think most of the people on the expedition would settle for every day being like this one. The first dive was nothing special, but the second was interesting: when trying to go round a cape shortly after setting off, the current began to grow until we were virtually not going forwards, despite kicking fiercely with our flippers to help the electric torpedo that pulls us along under the water. We had to descend to -30m to make progress against the current, following the tortuous relief of the seabed. Rounding the cape, the current relented and when I was considering a dive without caves, and without photos, we found an enormous cavern with a height of about 15m which went into the cliff for more than 100m. There was only the one, but it was monumental.