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July 21, 2016

See you later!

BY: Cris Urien



This is my last day and the truth is that today is a fairly routine day.

The entire crew is working hooked up to a yellow cord which they call the “umbilical” (yuck!).

The captain blinks vigorously trying to erase the drawing of the plotter from his pupils and keep the Ranger on a straight heading and at constant speed, and with phrases like “South, South-east 02, 01”, he survives on the basis of stretching exercises and French classes for psychopaths.

Rubén with his 2 up, 3 down, full speed ahead!!!!!!, power ball and pennyroyals. Very strange …

David and Albert make the ROV fly over the muddy seabed hoping to find some wall or something a little more entertaining.

Bionic Silva – sorry! The biologist, sitting on the fridge, enthusiastically observing these muddy seabeds where she and only she sees wonderful things, is admirable. I want to be like her when I grow up.

Kike and Carlos, like Harrelson’s men (from SWAT), with their fingers on the trigger and focusing on someone or something, keep shooting photos. In my case, since I don’t fit in the frame, they ask me to reduce my height to 1.60, so that in the photos I appear slightly out of proportion, a bit like an Atapuerca woman with long arms and a big head. But still I continue in the kitchen, making my potions and concoctions and trying not to let Silvia catch me out with schedule changes for the meals. Ha! You’ll never do it, Silviuki!

Thank you very much for everything, and even if I’m Basque and cold (which I’m not at all) I want to give a huge kiss to these people with whom I’ve enjoyed this period of time and those whose paths I hope to cross at some time or other in the future.

So there! Agur, gero arte! (Goodbye, see you later!)