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July 20, 2016

Strange visitor

BY: Albert Ferrer



At last we receive an unusual visitor: a military boat. It was half way through the dive – an exciting dive, one of those that tests the mind – speaking clearly, thinking about what you’ll find but never finding it, because there’s nothing but mud, mud, mud and more mud!

Suddenly David and I found ourselves alone in the mess room, me with the joystick and him with the high resolution camera. “That’s strange!” It was the typical comment in the dives when something appears on the surface. And there we were staring at each other and saying, “What shall we do? Shall we go out too?” But we did our duty – especially hard when we are surrounded by nothing – but, always faithful to our Falcon, stayed glued to our seats, and carried on watching nothing on the screen, with the boat adrift and at a depth of 500 m. And that’s the way it stayed for at least 20 minutes, while everyone was with the authorities.