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An encounter with alien species

Winds from the south-east and north-west met and mixed today near Malta. This is a joy for the sailing boat but a problem for the Ranger as the wind is too strong and the waves are too high to manoeuvre the ROV. We opted to work along the coast so we could continue with the … Read more

Escaping the wind

It’s been a choppy day today. We saw the bad weather coming in but we still took the risk of going out ten nautical miles early on this morning, at 6am, to fully make the most of the few hours available before the forecasted winds arrived. After an hour of transect along the bed with … Read more

Oceana embarks on 10-week expedition to explore deep-sea areas in Malta

The at-sea campaign will complement findings carried out in 2015 and will lead to the designation of protected areas under Natura 2000 Today Oceana launched its second expedition to document previously unexplored marine areas in Malta as part of the LIFE Ba?AR for N2K project. Scientists from several countries including Malta will research underwater caves, … Read more

A rock sponge reef

The first ROV immersions of this 2016 campaign have been carried out in a fossil reef with stone sponges. This reef, discovered last year, promises to be a great deal bigger than what we have previously seen. It’s a habitat replete with nooks and crannies, where dozens of species of crustaceans, molluscs, coral, fish and … Read more

Off to a Good Start

As we set sail out on our new expedition today, those fond, vivid memories from last year’s expedition came floating back to us all on board. The weather was on our side too – just the right combination of a light breeze, pleasant temperature and a 10-metre visibility which is characteristic of the waters we’re … Read more