Last days of the campaign

After all of these months of work, it seems unreal that we have finally reached the end of the campaign. During these last days, there are mixed feelings of happiness and tiredness. On one hand, we are sad to have to leave the ship and stop being constantly on the water. On the other hand, … Read more

September 22-25

On September 21, the dive team contacted the ZOEA dive centre, in Palma de Mallorca. We had already worked with this dive centre on other occasions and they had always been very professional and shown much interest in raising awareness and protecting the reefs in the Balearic Islands. Responsible dive centres usually constitute a valuable … Read more

September 18, 2008

I wake up at about noon to the boat rocking. While we’ve been navigating we’ve come across some choppy waters. I spend the rest of the night waking up occasionally to the bumpy ride. When I wake up for breakfast, we’re already at Les Olives. But, there are some technical problems with the radar. We … Read more

September 17, 2008

I wake up at 7:30am to a little bit of boat rocking and the sound of the motor, and look out the small round window in my cabin to see the sea passing by. “Oh no! We´re moving!”, was my first thought. Although I was tempted to stay in bed for the remaining half-hour untill … Read more

September 16, 2008

After leaving Menorca due to bad weather on the northern coast of the island, we now find ourselves on the eastern coast of Mallorca. We’ve taken advantage to let the storm go by, seeking shelter on the coast of Santany. Then, when the storm was dying down (“julepe frescachón”… Felipe Mellizo “Los Tres anillos”), we … Read more