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September 26, 2008

Last days of the campaign



After all of these months of work, it seems unreal that we have finally reached the end of the campaign. During these last days, there are mixed feelings of happiness and tiredness. On one hand, we are sad to have to leave the ship and stop being constantly on the water. On the other hand, the fatigue from the intense work aboard the Marviva Med and the joy of knowing that we have compiled very valuable information for developing the campaigns and reaching goals – that has to be analyzed- encourage us to leave the ship.

With the help of the Rov, we spent the last days documenting the peak of underwater mountain Emile Baudot, located to the SW of Majorca. We made a total of 4 dives with the ROV, and filmed the sea bottoms located at depths between 100 and 330 meters.

In some areas, on the sandy-detrital bottom, there were rhodoliths and small rocks covered with coral species. Among the species that inhabit these areas, we found sea urchins (Cidaris cidaris), crabs of the genus Calappa, fields of sea fans Eunicella verrucosa and Paramuricea clavata and fish such as red bream (Helicolenus dactylopterus), swallow tail sea perch (Anthias anthias) and Mediterranean flagfin (Aulopus filamentosus).

To finish off the 2008 campaign in the Mediterranean, the Marviva Med will set sail for Barcelona in a few days where the World Nature Convention will be held. It is organized by the World conservation Union (IUCN). We will take this opportunity to show our achievements to the public interested in our work and also to conclude the 2008 campaign.