September 13, 2008

Today is the 13th. It’s neither Tuesday nor Friday, and I get this number that only substitute goalies wear proudly on their backs. After an unsuccessful attempt to cross the canal that separates Menorca from Mallorca, due to the weather conditions, we anchor in Cap d´Artrutx, south-east of Menorca. We spend a calm night after … Read more


We reached the port of Maó three days ago. After having worked around Menorca, we landed in this city, which was turned into the capital of the island during the British reign. Whenever we reach port, everyone quickly disperses and concentrates on different tasks: the ROV technicians take advantage to buy material and make adjustments … Read more

September 8, 2008

Here I am, on board the Marviva-Med traveling through and exploring the northern coast of Menorca, where I was born, the home of my best childhood memories and the main area of study for my doctoral thesis. Apart from my scientific interest in the ocean, I have been collaborating for two years with the GOB … Read more

Cape Bajolí and Marine Reserve of Northern Menorca

End of the day. It’s 20:00 and we’ve just finished the first dive in waters of the Marine Reserve of Northern Menorca. This time, we were lucky, but the experience we have accumulated in the Cantabrian and the Mediterranean allows us to affirm that the absence of fish is alarming. We have verified the lack … Read more

September 3-4, 2008

My adventure on board the Marviva Med began as soon as I arrived in Palma de Mallorca. It is the first time for me onboard this ship and I am proud to be able to contribute to this expedition. My work will consist in taking photographs of the daily activities on board this 42-meter vessel … Read more

Last days in Italy

We don’t have many days left in Italy, because we plan to be back in the Balearic Islands at the end of the month, in Palma de Mallorca. So, we decide to continue working with the ROV, documenting the seamounts west of the Aeolian Islands, facing the northwest coast of Sicily and head slowly towards … Read more

August 25, 2008

After the ROV took up all the hours in the water for a few days, on Saturday the 23rd, we divers submerged again with the intention of documenting the “Secca del Capo” bottom. This is a seamount located at a considerable distance from the coast between the islands of Salina and Panarea. The mound rises … Read more

Capo de Santa María di Leuca

We set sail from Brindisi toward the south of Capo de Santa Maria di Leuca, in the Ionian Sea. This is an area where deep sea coral reefs dominated by Lophelia pertusa and Madrepora oculata have been described. Several scientific campaigns have recorded colonies of these species from depths of 110 to 470 meters. At … Read more

August 20, 2008

We arrived at the Bari coast, at the port of Brindisi on August 15. In most European countries, this date is reserved for spending a few days at the beach and enjoying its charm… All of us are attracted by the sea for several reasons: because the deep blue sea is calling us, it both … Read more

His name is ROVERTO and he has bought a chalet

Hello readers, under the optimistic assumption that there are any. We are in Brindisi, Italy. A quizzical port located in a city of some 90,000 inhabitants who, truth be told, do not make much noise. Gorka says that he has seen on Google that Brindisi means “deer horns”,… we won’t delve into that matter. There … Read more