With overcast skies and a slight sea breeze at around 8am two of the four purseiner fishing left the bay heading southeast. We decided to remain anchored and wait with the two other purseiner fishing boats. A Little Visitor This morning, while waiting and watching the fishing boats, we were greeted by a cute little … Read more

The Four French Purseiners Depart Ibiza Harbour

(Side note: Ibiza is spelled and pronounced ‘Eivissa’ in Catalan, the language of this Balearic Islands area.) 9:00 Pursainers Depart At 9:00 am this morning the four French purseiner tuna fishing boats departed Ibiza harbor bearing a course of 120 degrees. Within minutes of noticing activity in the harbour Jani “Osku” Forsgaard the Captain of … Read more

We Wait…

With the sea continuing to sway our boat from side to side like a pendulum we remained patiently anchored outside the harbor from sunrise to sunset — watching and waiting for the French purseiner fishing boats that are nearly out of sight to depart. At this point we are not sure for how long or … Read more

The Harbour of Ibiza, Spain

On this overcast morning with occasional light rain we remained anchored just outside Ibiza’s harbor as a satellite communication equipment specialist came onboard the ship to install some necessary equipment. By mid afternoon with the break of the sun all our communication systems were successfully working. While anchored in the harbor of Ibiza we keep … Read more

The Yellow RIB

This morning was filled with excitement as we tested both of Oceana’s RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) for maneuverability to document legal and illegal bluefin tuna fishing boats in the Mediterranean. At 9am the crew of the Marviva Med lowered the 18ft yellow boat using a crane into the relatively calm ocean. Captaining the boat was … Read more

A Fisherman’s catch — One Bluefin Tuna

Our expedition began early this morning — with overcast skies and swelling seas — navigating the waters surrounding Formentera Island, Spain in a continued search for bluefin tuna fishing boats. During the course of the day we spotted two longline fishing vessels. They were the same ones we saw yesterday. But this time they were … Read more

May, 24 2008

Today Oceana’s MarViva Med a 160ft conservation research and diving vessel set off leaving behind the charming island of Palma De Mallorca, Spain where the boats in the marina and the masts on the yachts accentuate the beautiful cityscape. Navigating our course south our expedition leader and Chief Scientist Xavier Pastor briefed the team on … Read more