Isla Pantellería . ¡Buen buceo! – Good Dive!

At 8 am the dive team assembled for our first dive in the Mediterranean as a team. From Left to Right Keith Ellenbogen, underwater photographer; Alberto Iglesias, Diver Master; Enrique Talledo (Kike ), underwater videographer; Thierry Lannoy, Dive Master; and Carlos Perez, Operations Manager. Our dive objective was to remove fishing net that was caught … Read more

Isla Pantellería

One hundred nautical miles from Malta, last night we anchored in calm waters adjacent Isla Pantelleria. This defining features of the island are beautiful steep vertical cliffs and a strong angular landscape. With a half moon visible in the clear skies, expedition leader Xavier Pastor asked the dive team to prepare our equipment for a … Read more

A Nautical Mile

After approximately 36 hours of rough seas and traveling 400 nautical miles we entered the unusually calm Sicilian Sea. A sailors trivia: a nautical mile referrers to one minute of latitude (1/60) of arch, along the Earth’s meridian (line of longitude). One nautical mile = 1,852 meters or 1.15 miles. Of equal interest the speed … Read more

Rough Seas Make Good Sailors

Early this morning with grayish blue skies predominant wind changed direction and is now blowing from the North. With the force of the winds the sea condition changed from calm to moderate/rough. Now swelling with some force (5 -8 ft), the sea swayed the boat, the people and all the equipment from side to side. … Read more

The Med

With the sun closing in on the horizon, at 8pm the Oceana Marviva departed the beautiful island of Mallorca and is now heading approximately 500 nautical miles southeast through the Mediterranean to Malta (an independent country since 1964). Sailing at an average speed of 8.2 knots per hour the voyage is going to take 72 … Read more

A Visit to Palma de Mallorca Aquarium

As we woke up this morning the Oceana Marviva was docked in the harbour of Palma de Mallorca. With the afternoon to explore the island, Enrique Talledo, Oceana’s underwater videographer and I traveled to Palma Aquarium ( Upon arriving at the aquarium we introduced ourselves and were fortunate to be invited on a behind the … Read more

The Story of the Tuna Cage Continued

This morning we decided to launch the grey RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) into the ocean with Carlos Perez as the captain, myself (Keith Ellenbogen), photographer, Enrique Talledo, videographer; and Cesar Fuertes, deckhand to get close to the tuna cages and purseiner fishing boats. From the RIB the Oceana Marviva is seen observing and documenting the … Read more

Twenty-Eight Fishing Boats the Balearic Sea and The Giant Bluefin Tuna

With the break of light, blue skies, calm seas and a watchful perched on the boats A-Frame, we continued to follow the two fishing vessels into the Balearic Sea. At 10 am this morning with no land in sight, 30 miles South of Formentera Island, I could hardly believe my eyes. As I gazed at … Read more

Anchored and waiting

On this Sunday morning the two French purseiner fishing boats Gerard Luc IV ST 900236 and Gerald Jean IV MA-916469 remain anchored in the Bay of Formentara Island. The only activity in the bay this morning was The Govern de les Illes Balears an environmental cleaning boat that was removing plastics or trash floating in … Read more

Bonding with the sea

Many people ask me why we are following these purseiners bluefin tuna fishing boats? What do we hope to accomplish? “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not” — Dr. Seuss, The Lorax The first problem to address is tuna populations are seriously declining. These are … Read more