Joint NGO recommendations on Baltic Sea fishing opportunities for 2022

1. Introduction In October 2021, EU fisheries ministers will agree on fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea for 2022. As the deadline to end overfishing by 2020 at the latest as legally prescribed by Article 2(2) of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)1 has passed, all fishing limits must be in line with sustainable exploitation rates. … Read more

Baltic Cod

Babltic Cod: Victims of Overfishing At present, western Baltic cod are being overfished and the stock is showing signs of very low biomass levels. The eastern stock is even in a worse situation — the entire population collapsed and a temporary fishing ban was put in place in until December 2019. Unfortunately, while the ban does help, … Read more

Oceana’s reaction to EU closing fishing for cod in Baltic Sea

Yesterday, the European Commission ordered emergency fishing measures be put in place following the collapse of the eastern Baltic cod population. The emergency plan consists of an immediate closure to fish eastern Baltic cod in the south of the Baltic Sea. Oceana released the following statement following the announcement from the European Commission: “Baltic cod is … Read more

Calls for Emergency Halt to Baltic Fishing

Brussels May 29, 2019:- Responding to scientific advice that a number of important Baltic fish populations are in a state of crisis and cannot be fished sustainably, four non-governmental organisations have demanded a halt to fishing for western Baltic herring and eastern Baltic cod for 2020 – and to end overfishing, as is required by … Read more