Oceana’s reaction to EU closing fishing for cod in Baltic Sea

Temporary fishing ban imposed until December 2019 to save fish population

Press Release Date: July 24, 2019

Location: Brussels


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Yesterday, the European Commission ordered emergency fishing measures be put in place following the collapse of the eastern Baltic cod population. The emergency plan consists of an immediate closure to fish eastern Baltic cod in the south of the Baltic Sea.

Oceana released the following statement following the announcement from the European Commission:

“Baltic cod is an iconic species that plays a key role in the Baltic Sea ecosystem, both environmentally and commercially. It has been supporting the livelihoods of fishing-reliant communities for decades”, said Andrzej Bia?a?, policy advisor at Oceana. “The temporary ban comes at a critical time – the middle of the cod spawning season. Now, there is a chance to protect whatever little amount of cod is still left in the Baltic Sea, although a longer-term action plan is nevertheless crucial to guarantee its proper recovery”, added Bia?a?.

The temporary ban will last until December 2019. Oceana welcomes this crucial move to mitigate the collapse of this vulnerable fish population and stresses that any delay in the ban’s implementation risks any chance of recovery in the stock status for decades.

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