Oceana: EU ministers must put an end to overfishing in the Baltic Sea now

Luxembourg – On October 9th, the EU’s Agriculture and Fisheries Council (AGRIFISH) are due to meet in Luxembourg where ministers will decide on catch limits for the Baltic Sea in 2018. Oceana has actively been advocating for the Total Allowable Catches (TACs) to be in line with scientific advice and with the Common Fisheries Policy … Read more

EU Fisheries Ministers’ decision on Baltic cod is insufficient to save stock

The Agriculture and Fisheries Council reached an agreement today on fishing limits for Baltic stocks for 2017 including 5597 tonnes for Western Baltic cod, a 56% reduction of the current quota. Although for the European Commission this figure is in line with the Baltic Multiannual Plan (BMAP) for fisheries management, it exceeds scientific recommendations provided … Read more

Why don’t Denmark and Germany want to save Baltic cod?

If you had power, knew that an important renewable natural resource was at great risk and the only way to save it was to temporarily halt its exploitation, what would you do? The answer seems obvious: a temporary sacrifice can save us from a far more drastic future. A state of denial only postpones and … Read more

Oceana recommendations on fishing opportunities for 2017. Baltic Sea Stocks

In advance of the Fisheries Council decision in October on fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea, Oceana releases its recommendations for setting total allowable catches (TACs) for 2017, in line with the most recently available scientific advice and aimed at ensuring Baltic fisheries recover from overfishing before 2020. The end of overfishing is necessary not … Read more

European Commission turns its back on the Baltic cod overfishing crisis

Oceana states that EU Commission fishing limits proposal only follows scientific advice when economically convenient whilst ignoring environmental sustainability priorities when it implies short-term sacrifices. Today, the European Commission (EC) has published its annual proposal for fishing limits (“total allowable catches” or TACs) for the Baltic Sea in 2017. The proposal should be based on … Read more