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Acidification: What Oceana Does

Oceana works to make acidification known as a serious consequence related to the impacts caused by climate change. The necessary measures should be implemented to halt and counteract this phenomenon. It is in fact essential that acidification be included in both EU policies and international climate conventions, for example the United Nations Conventions on climate change. … Read more

Acidification: Learn More

What is acidification? Apart from being a powerful greenhouse gas, CO2 is also dissolved in large quantities in seawater and produces a phenomenon known as Acidification. Generally, when CO2 comes into contact with a water molecule, there is an increase in the concentration of H+ ions, which leads to a decrease of the pH levels … Read more

Acidification: Overview

Acidification is one of the consequences of excessive CO2 emissions, which have accelerated climate change, one of the most important challenges humanity has to face in this century. The climate has constantly varied throughout the planet’s history due to the changes related to solar or volcanic activity, but since the Industrial Revolution, human action has … Read more

Oceana warns that CO2 emissions will cause extinction of coral and crustaceans due to higher water acidity

Oceana is calling for an urgent reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to stop acidification of oceans. Acidification jeopardizes the survival of coral reefs and numerous marine species, and with them, the sustenance for millions of people worldwide. The international marine preservation organization is asking governments to introduce the acidification problems in the COP15 debates. … Read more