Acidification: What Oceana Does


AcidificationOceana works to make acidification known as a serious consequence related to the impacts caused by climate change. The necessary measures should be implemented to halt and counteract this phenomenon. It is in fact essential that acidification be included in both EU policies and international climate conventions, for example the United Nations Conventions on climate change.

Oceana strongly promotes research into acidification on a global scale and in particular, in the Mediterranean Sea, where the lack of data and studies is extreme. Oceana requests the creation of an International Observatory on Acidification that will help us study, monitor and delve into the serious effects that CO2 is causing in our oceans and seas.

Therefore a serious and binding commitment is necessary and should be implemented according to advice of the scientific community, both by developed and developing countries and emerging economies. We will not be able to face this challenge without a coordinated commitment from the international community. Isolated actions carried out by individual countries only make sense if other countries act reciprocally.