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Blog Posts by: Javier Camarena

Some of our expedition members are leaving today, so we help them unload and say our goodbyes, wishing them good luck, as it is customary to do on the sea.

We took advantage of the delivery of supplies in the afternoon to visit Amsterdam, just a few kilometers away.

What can I say about this beautiful city? Simply that we had a wonderful afternoon and enjoyed its streets, canals and people and left wanting to explore the city more, but we have to get back to the boat since we’re leaving for the UK in a few hours.

We are now in the last week of work and you can start to feel the returning home syndrome for those who have spent longer away from home.

The campaign continues well. We have been encountering extremely rare species, the names of which I do not recall, and other more common ones, such as shrimps. It is interesting to see them living and in their habitat instead of on a plate. The move around in groups and sometimes we see them in procession from one place to the next, grouped around a rock or a tyre, as if it were their temple.

We’re in Lebanon, just in front of Beirut. We’re working everyday with some excellent views of this lovely city, built on mountains next to the sea. It’s like seeing the hillsides on a big city that never end.

Our fascinating work takes us to depths of 1,000 metres. We’re finding very unique underwater life, which is often the case on Oceana’s expeditions and at these depths. The sad part of that, even at such deep depths, rubbish deposited by humans. Our lovely Mediterranean Sea is suffering because of us and it is so sad to see.

Today is the last day at sea and we have been able to dive the ROV just once, this morning. Since then the current and waves have risen meaning the work here is coming to an end. The crew has started to think about the way back to habour and going home. Now our last duty, rally all the staff together and prepare the boat for its trip back. Tomorrow we arrive at habour and then it will be time to say our goodbyes. The expedition has been very interesting for me; a nice job with nice people and for a good purpose - perfect!

Today started off just like the last few days; grey, cold and windy. Nothing new there considering it is the North Sea, even though we’re in the middle of August! On days like this, our work becomes a bit monotonous: carry out checks on the ROV, following up the maintenance plan and checking that everything works fine. Today, we made the most of it being a Monday to go and buy some supplies from a hardware store.