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July 24, 2017

On standby

BY: Javier Camarena


On standby
Tripulación en el briefing de la mañana


This is my second year working for Oceana and also my second year in the North Sea. I am part of to the ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) team.

Our job here is quite interesting and has nothing to do with the jobs I have been doing before. Working, and at the same time taking care of the oceans, is a privilege that really makes you feel fantastic.

As you’ll know by now, we are a huge team made up of divers, biologists, sailors, photographers, underwater video specialists and more but we have come together as a team and atmosphere on board is very nice.

Here in the North Sea, our work is sometimes affected by the weather conditions – even though it’s summer, we are always on the limit of the ROV capabilities, the ocean current, the wind or the height of the wave, all this affects our working days more than in other areas, like in the Mediterranean Sea.

Today, for example, we are on “stand by” because of wind direction and the current is not in our favour. That, combined with certain other issues with the vessel we’re on, make operations not very viable at the moment. Hopefully, this will improve later on and we’ll be able to deploy the ROV, as we hoping to explore rocky bottoms. I’m sure it is going to be more interesting than sandy bottoms.

I have to say goodbye now as we’re arriving at the first spot of the day.

Thanks for following the expedition!