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October 25, 2016

New discoveries for me

BY: Javier Camarena



We are now in the last week of work and you can start to feel the returning home syndrome for those who have spent longer away from home.

The campaign continues well. We have been encountering extremely rare species, the names of which I do not recall, and other more common ones, such as shrimps. It is interesting to see them living and in their habitat instead of on a plate. The move around in groups and sometimes we see them in procession from one place to the next, grouped around a rock or a tyre, as if it were their temple.

There are some species which find half way down and they let us enjoy their unique way of moving and their particular beauty, and even another one, Bonellia, I think it is called, of which you only see its long “tongue” moving in the search for food while she remains buried, a fascinating experience. Apart from this there are dozens of micro algae, coral, snails and other beings from the abyss, which only biologists find and recognise, quite an encyclopaedia of the sea.  

I think this is my last diary entry, so from my side farewell.

Thank you for being there.