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October 18, 2016

Rubbish in the depths

BY: Javier Camarena



We’re in Lebanon, just in front of Beirut. We’re working everyday with some excellent views of this lovely city, built on mountains next to the sea. It’s like seeing the hillsides on a big city that never end.

Our fascinating work takes us to depths of 1,000 metres. We’re finding very unique underwater life, which is often the case on Oceana’s expeditions and at these depths. The sad part of that, even at such deep depths, rubbish deposited by humans. Our lovely Mediterranean Sea is suffering because of us and it is so sad to see.

The crew members are great bunch of people. We’re a team of 8 nationalities and the work environment here is fantastic. It’s only left for me to say that I love the work we do here. Working at sea and not damaging it is more and more difficult but ‘karma’ is on our side.

Thanks for reading!