Seafood Fraud: France, star student of Europe

Following the recent crises that rocked the meat industry in Europe, BLOOM, Oceana, researchers from INSERM and the National Museum of Natural History, and Terra eco magazine teamed up to take on seafood traceability in France by conducting a unique investigation into fish labelling fraud. Over the course of one year, 10 regions were studied … Read more

Seafood Fraud: Consequences

Seafood fraud can happen at each step of the supply chain – the restaurant, the distributor, or the processing and packaging phase. Along with ripping off consumers, the consequences of seafood fraud include: Directly threatens human health. Swapping one fish species for another that may be riddled with contaminants, toxins or allergens can make people … Read more

Seafood Fraud: Overview

Seafood fraud is the practice of misleading consumers about their seafood in order to increase profits. Along with ripping off shoppers, these actions can have negative impacts on marine conservation efforts and human health. Types of seafood fraud include substituting one species for another without changing the label, including less seafood in the package than … Read more