Seafood Fraud

  By any other name… Seafood fraud is harmful to the environment, rips off the consumer and undermines conservation efforts by supporting unsustainable or illegal fishing activities. It can take place anywhere along the supply chain, from the fishermen to the wholesalers, distributors and foodservice. The problem is caused by insufficient enforcement and control of … Read more

Seafood labeling and sustainable fisheries

Seafood fraud and seafood mislabeling is unfortunately a very common and widespread problem across Europe, something that OCEANA’s previous studies in Denmark and elsewhere in France have revealed. However, it is now a bit harder for opportunistic individuals and groups to trick consumers. On Saturday, as part of the reformed Common Fisheries Policy that aims to … Read more

High levels of seafood fraud revealed in Danish fishmongers

The marine conservation organization Oceana, the Danish newspaper Søndagsavisen and the TV program “Go’Aften Denmark” conducted a study revealing that 18% of cod sold in fishmongers is not actually cod, but haddock or saithe. In total, 120 samples were collected from fishmongers, supermarkets and restaurants in the wider Copenhagen region in order to undergo DNA … Read more