Four countries block protection of underwater forests in European Atlantic waters

Oceana condemns outrageous political deadlock by self-called “Green” States which risks disappearance of important marine forests. Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Ireland and the European Commission have strongly opposed the inclusion of kelp forests in the OSPAR List of Threatened and or Declining Species and Habitats. Oceana, who have worked jointly with supportive countries for over two … Read more

First steps to save underwater ‘cities’

Yesterday we received very good news – the OSPAR expert group on species and habitats agreed to consider protecting Haploops communities! Side note: OSPAR is the international Commission in charge of protecting the marine environment of the North-East Atlantic, and Haploops are tiny crustaceans that live in tubes that they themselves build on muddy sea-beds. … Read more

Oceana’s position on the status of Atlantic MPA Network for OSPAR ICG-MPA

OSPAR Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic Meeting of the Intersessional Correspondence Group on Marine Protected Areas (ICG-MPA) Isle of Vilm, Germany: 2-4 December 2013 OSPAR’s Network of MPAs Position paper on the status of the network Presented by Oceana

Action not words for future of Mediterranean swordfish

Mediterranean swordfish plummet to 30% after three decades of overfishing. Oceana urges EU Member States sharing Mediterranean waters to take the reins and set out a robust action plan. On the occasion of the Mediterranean Swordfish Stock Assessment Session Meeting, scientists from the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) met in Casablanca, … Read more

Protección de la zona marina frente a Jaizkibel y Ulia, Euskadi | 2010

La zona acantilada costera cubre casi el  90% del litoral guipuzcoano. En la actualidad, en el medio marino, sólo la rasa intermareal Deba-Zumaia se encuentra bajo una figura de protección, en este caso como Biotopo Protegido, dado su interés geológico y naturalístico. Los acantilados de Jaizkibel y Ulia son áreas costeras guipuzcoanas declaradas como Lugares … Read more

A mismatch story in the North East Atlantic

It all started in 2008 when OSPAR, the international Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic, adopted its list of threatened species and habitats. This list, essential to identify key marine species in need of conservation measures, was the starting point of active conservation policies for restoring marine biodiversity in … Read more

Atlantic: OSPAR

The North-East Atlantic Ocean is characterised by a variety of topographical features, ranging from ocean basins of around 5000 meters in depth near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, to waters less than 200m deep on the continental shelf along the European coast. In some places, seamounts occur as submerged single mountains or chains of mountains along the … Read more