Oceana proposes fisheries management revamp for Cabrera post-expansion

To mark the 30th anniversary in April of the designation of Cabrera national park in the Balearic islands, Oceana is presenting a proposal for better fisheries management of the enlarged area of the park to be considered in the new management plan which will be developed by the park authorities. Our proposal, which includes fisheries … Read more

Seamounts: Giants in danger

Introduction Underwater seamounts are often referred to as oases of the ocean, as they are home to rich ecosystems living at various depths on their slopes, benefiting from ocean currents that increase biological productivity and attract other marine life. Used as ‘stepping stones’ for transoceanic dispersion of species, and as reproduction or feeding grounds for … Read more

Spanish capital goes blue for World Oceans Day

Iconic building in Madrid illuminated to mark international day Oceana first to ever project images on Spanish parliament’s facade Spain’s parliament will screen for the first time underwater videos from Oceana’s expeditions to mark World Oceans Day on Thursday. Madrid’s landmark building, the City Hall, will also turn blue as part of the city’s celebrations. … Read more

National Parks of Spain

According to the Law on National Parks, a total of 13 natural marine systems should be represented in the network to ensure an adequate legacy for future generations. However, although 2016 was the one hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the network, some of these systems are still under-represented, while others are totally absent from the … Read more

1400 km2 in the Balearic Islands protected from destructive fishing

Oceana welcomes the creation of fishing protected areas in the Menorca Channel, and the modest expansion of another area to the east of Cabrera Archipelago National Park. These areas will allow the conservation of coralligenous formations and rhodolith beds, habitats formed by calcareous red algae in which many species feed and reproduce, and which are … Read more

Viaje a las profundidades de El Hierro

La situación geográfica de El Hierro hace que en ella recalen especies migratorias como numerosos cetáceos, tortugas y tiburones. Pero, además, tiene características propias frente a otras islas del archipiélago canario. Sus aguas son más cálidas y atraen a especies como manos de muerto, ctenóforos, y gorgonia árbol naranja. Sin embargo, aún queda mucho por … Read more

Oceana launches a new interactive display for El Hierro seabeds

Oceana has collected hundreds of photos, videos and maps of its expedition in El Hierro waters to promote the creation of Spain’s first-ever marine National Park. Oceana has launched a new viewer with information and images from the depths of the island of El Hierro. All the material comes from the expedition carried out in … Read more