Oceana releases a video about the marine diversity of the Cabrera National Park on its 25th anniversary

Press Release Date: April 29, 2016

Location: Madrid


Marta Madina | email: mmadina@oceana.org | tel.: Marta Madina

Oceana joins in the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the Cabrera Archipelago Maritime-Terrestrial National Park by releasing a video showing the extraordinary marine wealth of the national park and its surroundings. The presentation of the video comes two days after the meeting between Oceana and the Balearic Regional Government in which the latter announced its willingness to draft the law to expand the park. The video includes a selection of images from the depths in the area close to the park that will be part of the future enlargement, including the Emile Baudot escarpment.

“Thanks to all these years protecting Cabrera, today we enjoy a true natural gem where we can find typical Mediterranean species and habitats of great ecological importance in a perfect state of conservation,” explains Ricardo Aguilar, director of research for Oceana in Europe. “The expansion of the park, which after many years of work is finally underway, represents a considerable increase in the marine wealth it generates, since it includes important endangered natural systems that need urgent protection. This is the best possible celebration of the anniversary.”

The Cabrera National Park was created on 29 April 1991 following a significant mobilisation of citizens and NGOs, when the technology to study the deeper areas did not yet exist. The expansion project initiated by Oceana proposes a tenfold increase in its extension to incorporate deep areas that have been studied in recent years and are of great ecological interest. The video combines animation and images obtained by Oceana over many expeditions, both by ROV (remotely operated submarine robot) and by divers.