Turning the Tide on EU Seas with Green Recovery

The paper dives into examples of investment opportunities in an effort to illustrate how a green recovery for the oceans is possible, for instance by: Actively restoring marine ecosystems, such as rebuilding oyster reefs and fish passages in coastal dams — This can stimulate economic activities in sectors such as marine construction while increasing fish … Read more

United Kingdom

Protecting Marine Habitats Marine protected areas (MPAs) are the most straightforward way to preserve biodiversity because each increases the endurance of the marine environment from the effects of harmful human activities and climate change. Oceana works towards a network of diverse and connected sites. Thanks to our expeditions—where we not only research shallow waters, but … Read more

Baltic Cod

Babltic Cod: Victims of Overfishing At present, western Baltic cod are being overfished and the stock is showing signs of very low biomass levels. The eastern stock is even in a worse situation — the entire population collapsed and a temporary fishing ban was put in place in until December 2019. Unfortunately, while the ban does help, … Read more

Distribution and swimming ability of the deep-sea holothuroid Penilpidia ludwigi (Holothuroidea: Elasipodida: Elpidiidae)

The deep-sea elpidiid holothuroid, Penilpidia ludwigi, was recorded using a Remotely Operated Vehicle in the Western, Central, and Eastern Mediterranean Sea. This species, endemic to the basin, was previously captured above the seabed in sediment traps and based on these records its swimming ability was assumed. The present study reports the first in situ observations of … Read more