Anatomy of a Driftnet Drift nets are made of nylon and have a mesh size between 18 and 24 cm (although they can exceed 40 cm in some cases), can reach 35 meters in height and can be up to 20 kms in length. Although dimensions do vary, as these nets are often modified … Read more

Oceana exposes illegal driftnet fisheries, while Italy denies it

Oceana observers, together with a cameraman from Reportime (Corriere della Sera), have gathered evidence of fishing boats using illegal driftnets in southern Italy’s port of Bagnara Calabra, as published today on Corriere della Sera by Report journalist Sabrina Giannini. This destructive fishing gear has been banned in the EU since 2002, due to high by-catch … Read more

Oceana reveals illegal driftnet fishing in Morocco

Morocco officially phased out driftnets in 2010 with funding from the EU and US  Oceana today revealed that the illegal use of driftnets to capture swordfish has returned to Tangiers, Morocco. Evidence gathered by the international marine conservation organization over the past three days, shows small-scale vessels acting in coordination with larger ones with absolute … Read more

Oceana says EU should act against true ‘walls of death’

Driftnet fishing for large pelagic species is banned due to high by-catch rates of endangered species. Today, the European Commission announced its proposal to ban all types of driftnets from operating in European waters. The measure is aimed at eliminating alleged loopholes that allow illegal fishing with driftnets to continue. However, according to Oceana, the … Read more

Oceana presents evidence and recommendations in Brussels for the fight against illegal fishing within the european fleet

In 2007, Oceana identified more than 100 vessels using illegal driftnets. Oceana presented two reports in Brussels today: “Italian driftnets: the illegal fishing activities continue” and “Thonaille: the use of driftnets by the French fleet in the Mediterranean”. Both reports condemn the continued use of this illegal fishing gear by the French and Italian fleets … Read more

French driftnetters will not fish in 2008

Driftnets, a fishing gear that can reach dozens of kilometres in length, were prohibited in the European Union in 2002 because they constitute a threat to the conservation of cetaceans, sea turtles and sharks. Oceana has reported that Italy and France continue using this illegal fishing gear to capture bluefin tuna and swordfish, years after … Read more

Oceana identifies 84 italian driftnetters during its 2007 campaign

Based on the preliminary results, Oceana is asking for the repeal of the Italian decree authorising the use of the driftnets known as ferrettara. Driftnets, banned by the European Union since 2002, continue to pose a threat to the conservation of marine mammals and fish stocks in the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The international … Read more

Oceana fishery research vessels attacked by fleet of french driftnetters

The arrival of two border-control and French Navy helicopters caused the attackers, who were fishing in international waters, to flee. In the early Monday morning hours, a group of seven French driftnetters carried out a concerted attack on the Oceana Ranger fishery research vessel, which has been recording the activities of a fleet of about … Read more