Oceana identifies 84 italian driftnetters during its 2007 campaign

Based on the preliminary results, Oceana is asking for the repeal of the Italian decree authorising the use of the driftnets known as ferrettara. Driftnets, banned by the European Union since 2002, continue to pose a threat to the conservation of marine mammals and fish stocks in the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The international … Read more

Oceana fishery research vessels attacked by fleet of french driftnetters

The arrival of two border-control and French Navy helicopters caused the attackers, who were fishing in international waters, to flee. In the early Monday morning hours, a group of seven French driftnetters carried out a concerted attack on the Oceana Ranger fishery research vessel, which has been recording the activities of a fleet of about … Read more

Hundreds of tons of swordfish caught illegally by Morocco are sold in Spain

Despite the fact that driftnets have been banned in the Mediterranean for many years, a fleet of Moroccan fishing vessels continues to use this destructive fishing gear in the Alboran Sea and the Straits of Gibraltar, setting nets up to 12 kilometres long. Oceana, the marine conservation organisation, estimates that this fleet is made up … Read more