Oceana celebrates the protection of Seco de los Olivos

The ministry has proposed to include four more areas of the LIFE+ INDEMARES project in the Natura 2000 network, which gives protection to the most important natural areas in the EU    Oceana applauds the protection of Seco de los Olivos, a seamount 12 nautical miles south of the coast of Almerimar (Almería) that the … Read more

Oceana documents rich biodiversity in the Canary Islands

With the support of the Biodiversity Foundation and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment, Oceana has conducted over ten ROV dives at depths of between 80 and 1,000 meters around El Hierro Island in the Canaries, as well as several others with divers in shallower areas. Through this work, Oceana has documented large … Read more

Oceana launches expedition to El Hierro island and the Atlantic seamounts

The government projects that El Hierro will be made into the first marine national park in Spain Today, Oceana launched an expedition with the support of Biodiversity Foundation to document the waters around the island of El Hierro, which is expected to become the first marine national park in Spain. The one-month campaign will be … Read more

Marine litter is growing problem in the World’s oceans

On Saturday, Oceana joined a research expedition arranged and led by the University of Örebro and Pangaea Exploration to study marine litter in the Baltic Sea, an increasing problem in the world’s oceans. During the course of a month, this expedition will visit several key areas of the Baltic Sea, all the way from Kattegat, … Read more

Oceana reveals illegal driftnet fishing in Morocco

Morocco officially phased out driftnets in 2010 with funding from the EU and US  Oceana today revealed that the illegal use of driftnets to capture swordfish has returned to Tangiers, Morocco. Evidence gathered by the international marine conservation organization over the past three days, shows small-scale vessels acting in coordination with larger ones with absolute … Read more

The seamounts of the Gorringe Bank

The Gorringe Bank, located 1600 nautical miles SW off the Portuguese coast, has been object of several studies since it was discovered in 18875 by Captain Henry Honeychurch Gorringe and his crew. After that, in the twentieth century, Prince Alberto I of Monaco developed various campaigns in the area. Ever since, several studies have taken place … Read more

Baltic Sea Expeditions highlight critical need for marine protected areas

Based on the findings of three expeditions, Oceana has proposed 13 areas of high ecological importance to become new marine protected areas in the Baltic Sea. Most of them host species and breeding grounds classified by HELCOM as threatened and vulnerable. Species like the rare Haploops crustacean, and the blue mussel-like horse mussel, though not … Read more