The Vesterhavet Triangle or Wandering Shipwrecks?

Dawn breaks and today looks like it’s going to be a lovely day; no wind and the sea is calmer than usual. Today’s work plan is to dive around the 4 shipwrecks that Jack has spotted on the nautical map of the area. We head to the first point on the map and couldn’t see … Read more

Extensive marine research in Malta concludes after 140 days at sea

This phase of the LIFE Ba?AR for N2K project at-sea study ends after having explored areas down to 1039 m deep. Oceana, the project partner tasked with carrying out marine surveys, has concluded its at-sea research in Malta to explore deep-sea areas, underwater caves and sandbanks within the LIFE Ba?AR for N2K project. The project, … Read more

Viaje a las profundidades de El Hierro

La situación geográfica de El Hierro hace que en ella recalen especies migratorias como numerosos cetáceos, tortugas y tiburones. Pero, además, tiene características propias frente a otras islas del archipiélago canario. Sus aguas son más cálidas y atraen a especies como manos de muerto, ctenóforos, y gorgonia árbol naranja. Sin embargo, aún queda mucho por … Read more

Oceana embarks on 10-week expedition to explore deep-sea areas in Malta

The at-sea campaign will complement findings carried out in 2015 and will lead to the designation of protected areas under Natura 2000 Today Oceana launched its second expedition to document previously unexplored marine areas in Malta as part of the LIFE Ba?AR for N2K project. Scientists from several countries including Malta will research underwater caves, … Read more

Launch of scientific expedition brings hope to threatened marine life in the Sound

Oceana surveys of strait shared by Denmark and Sweden will document threats to fragile marine communities and provide solid foundation for developing ambitious transnational MPA Today, Oceana launches a research expedition in the Sound to document its fragile marine habitats and species and reveal the effects of the human activities threatening this biodiversity. Located between … Read more