California Current: Species at Risk

Overfished species There are 62 managed species of rockfish (Sebastes and Sebastolobus) off the U.S. West Coast, which together comprise a diverse group of generally long-lived and slow growing fishes. Fishery managers have assessed the population levels of 20 of those rockfish and as of 2009, seven are considered “overfished” with three below the minimum … Read more

California Current: What Oceana Does

The main threats to our oceans, including climate change, habitat loss, overfishing, pollution and development all threaten the health and diversity of the California Current ocean ecosystem.  To address these threats, Oceana is working with scientists, the public and policy makers to protect the marine food web, to identify and protect Important Ecological Areas, and … Read more

California Current: Overview

The California Current ocean ecosystem is one of the most productive and diverse temperate marine ecosystems in the world.  This large marine ecosystem is defined by the predominant ocean current that moves south along the western coast of North America, starting off the coast of southern British Columbia and ending off the coast of southern … Read more

United States will protect the food web

Following a multi-year advocacy campaign led by Oceana and others, and with the strong support of scientists, governors, conservationists, fishermen, coastal businesses and local communities, the federal government issued final regulations banning all fishing for krill in the U.S. Pacific waters of California, Oregon and Washington. Krill is the general name used for 85 species … Read more