During the night the weather has improved tremendously, which made it possible for us to start sailing towards Kattegat to do some ROV filming in the deep areas there. The sun was shining as we got our morning coffee on the deck. We reached the position at in the early afternoon, and made a two … Read more

The wind

The weather has not really been on our side today. We were treated with even stronger winds than yesterday, about 50 – 70 knots/hr, rendering any plans for field work impossible. Instead, we worked to identify the species we captured on video and with the dredge. Ricardo Aguilar, our director of research, has been an … Read more

Baltic Expedition 2011: Overview

OCEANA is launching a two-month research expedition in the Baltic Sea. This is Oceana’s first expedition in the Baltic, it started from Amaliehaven, close to the new Oceana office in Copenhagen. The objective of the expedition is to analyze the state of areas of special ecological importance in the region to propose the establishment of … Read more

Day 1

We left Copenhagen yesterday with butterflies in our stomachs. We are all very excited that the expedition finally started and we feel very fortunate to be part of such an experienced crew on this wonderful boat. During the night the ship cruised out from Öresund towards Kattegat with the aim of starting to explore the … Read more

Oceana calls on HELCOM countries to halt degradation of the Baltic Sea ecosystems

Destructive fishing practices and poorly managed Marine Protected Areas continue to threaten the richness and resilience of the sea. Oceana, the international marine conservation organization, is deeply concerned that after more than three years the implementation of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan to restore the good ecological status of the Baltic marine environment lacks … Read more