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April 9, 2011


BY: Hanna Paulomäki


© Oceana / Carlos Minguell


During the night the weather has improved tremendously, which made it possible for us to start sailing towards Kattegat to do some ROV filming in the deep areas there. The sun was shining as we got our morning coffee on the deck.

We reached the position at in the early afternoon, and made a two hours ROV video in the Sagitta Deep – a part of the Læsørenden. As expected we found plenty of krill in the deepest areas on around 135 meter, but also an interesting fauna on 80 meters deep. Hanse Explorer sailed a couple of hours south, while we were having dinner. Afterwards we began a new ROV filming on 25 meters depth, and while the sun was setting, we explored the fine habitats of Kattegat.