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From Tallinn to Helsinki

After spending less than a day in Tallinn, it was time for us to continue our expedition for doing recordings in Estonian and Finnish waters. We spend the next days to explore some areas close to the Estonian island Hiiumaa, both inside and outside marine protected areas. The divers were lucky to see and document … Read more

Heading for Tallinn

Today we are spending the day sailing towards Tallinn, where we will make a stopover from this evening until tomorrow. Though having at tight time schedule, we made a stop close to an island called Osmussaar in Estonia to do underwater filming, taking a sample from the seafloor and measure the oxygen in the water … Read more

Ecoalf has supported Oceana’s campaign in the Baltic

Ecoalf has supported Oceana’s campaign in the Baltic by donating recycled-fabric bags. Special thanks to Ecoalf for their in-kind donation that will be used during the international organization’s expedition in the Baltic. After years of research and significant investment in R&D, Ecoalf has launched the 1st generation of products 100% made out of recycled and … Read more

Offshore recordings in Polish water

After filming the German waters, we now sailed into the Polish water where we did recordings offshore, inclusive at a sandbank and two places in the Gdansk Deep. At the shallow sandbank, called Oderbank, the divers went diving directly from Hanse Explorer. We could see their bobbles from the boat, while they dived around it. … Read more

Exploring the German waters

The reason for why we did a stopover in Copenhagen was, beside the press conference, to exchange some members of the Oceana team. We had to say goodbye to Carlos Minguell, Gorka Leclercq and Jose Manuel Saez ‘Pisha’, which were going back home. Instead we could welcome our new team members which include Carlos Suarez … Read more

Press Conference and diving at a wind farm

After being on land for more than a week, it was my turn to return to the Hanse Explorer and take over the fieldwork onboard from my colleague Iben Rathje. The boat has been in Copenhagen harbor since Sunday, and before leaving the Danish capital to sail south, we had one more job to do. … Read more

Oceana unveils new evidence that Baltic Sea is heading towards collapse unless urgent, effective protection measures are implemented

Oceana experts are in Copenhagen to present first findings from expedition Today, Oceana, the international marine conservation organization, unveiled never before seen images of the Baltic seabed that highlight the devastating impact of overfishing, destructive fishing practices and pollution on the marine environment. The organization, which is currently engaging in an expedition to document the … Read more


I woke up happy knowing that I should experience Kattegat on the depth of 100 m via the ROV. In the dark container on deck, where we steer the ROV, we have different screens, from with we can follow the shootings of the ROV. Today, the work with the ROV was thrilling because there was … Read more

Torwards Kattegat

We are now leaving Copenhagen, where we changed crew. Christina Abel has been onboard in al 3 weeks of this expedition, so it has been a wild start on her time in Oceana. We are sailing towards Kattegat as the sun shines in the waves, and it is hard to believe the weather forecast. But … Read more

Moving South

During the last couple of days we have been moving south. As we are moving south the salinity changes and the biodiversity increases. We took samples from the seafloor and did video recordings, including ROV and divers, in different spots near Öland in Sweden.  We saw river netrite (Theodoxus fluviatilis), hydroids (Laomedea loveni), red seaweed … Read more